Quick Answer: How Much Will NIO Stock Be Worth In 5 Years?

What will Tesla be worth in 10 years?

How much will Tesla stock be worth in 10 years.

The investor from my investment club, who has a 5000% return since 2009, sees a potential $500 billion market cap for Tesla in 2024, or $2700 per share.

Billionaire investor Ron Baron believes Tesla could be worth $1.5 trillion by 2030..

What will NIO stock be worth in 5 years?

What will NIO stock price be worth in five years (2025)? The NIO (“NIO” ) future stock price will be 302.862 USD .

Is NIO a good long term investment?

NIO’s unique advantages make it a winner in the long run The company is a good bet for the long term. However, NIO stock is very volatile and could remain so. The stock is a good pick for investors who can stomach increased volatility.

How much will NIO stock go up?

Stock Price Forecast The 17 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for NIO Inc have a median target of 155.80, with a high estimate of 310.32 and a low estimate of 44.12. The median estimate represents a +241.23% increase from the last price of 45.66.

Can NIO stock reach $100?

We here at Insider Financial have been covering NIO stock since June when shares traded at just $6. Even after almost 500% gains, we are just as bullish today as we were then. … So far, we have called every opportunity on NIO stock. That’s why we are so confident in issuing our $100 price target for 2021.

Is NIO better than Tesla?

Tesla Is The Safer Bet Overall, while Nio’s faster recent growth and unique innovations such as Battery as a Service (BaaS) – which allows customers to subscribe for car batteries, rather than paying for them upfront – are no doubt interesting, we think it remains a riskier investment compared to Tesla.

Is NIO a good buy right now?

Analysts expect revenue to rise by 22.2% next year. NIO’s revenue is expected to rise 103.6% in the current quarter, and 79.3% next year. The consensus EPS estimates indicate a 51.3% rise in the current year, and 32.9% next year. NIO is rated “Buy” in our proprietary POWR Rating system, while FSR is rated “Neutral”.

Is NIO worth investing in?

Overall, Nio is in a good financial position right now. Its sales are rising, the company reached an all-time delivery high, and its shares are up 231% year to date. However, the stock is overvalued, and Nio has yet to prove it can maintain this kind of growth over the long haul.

Will NIO Stock survive?

The Chinese EV sector is the largest new-car market in the world, according to Barron’s. Barron’s says that the average price target on NIO stock for analysts with “buy” ratings is $17. … Nio has shown that it can survive. Now it must show that it can thrive.

Will NIO stock go up like Tesla?

Nio will surge 85% as Tesla’s China success is a ‘rising tide lifts all boats’ phenomenon, JPMorgan says | Markets Insider.

Is NIO overvalued?

Which obviously begs the question: is Nio overvalued? While Yu plans to assess the discrepancy between rating and price target after seeing the earnings report, the answer is yes, according to a recent report by Citron.