Question: What Is Another Name For Market?

What is another word for market or store?

What is another word for market?bazaarmarketplacestoreshopmalloutletsupermarkethypermarketshowroomdepartment store47 more rows.

What is a group of shops called?

Shopping hubs, or shopping centers, are collections of stores; that is a grouping of several businesses in a compact geographic area. … Traditionally, shopping hubs were called bazaars or marketplaces; an assortment of stalls lining streets selling a large variety of goods..

What is a synonym for market clearing price?

A market-clearing price is the price of a good or service at which quantity supplied is equal to quantity demanded, also called the equilibrium price.

What does retort mean?

to reply to, usually in a sharp or retaliatory way; reply in kind to. to return (an accusation, epithet, etc.) upon the person uttering it. to answer (an argument or the like) by another to the contrary.

What is shop called in English?

English. Noun. shop (PLACE TO BUY THINGS) be in the shops. shop (WORK AREA)

What is the meaning of market price?

The market price is the current price at which an asset or service can be bought or sold. … The price at which quantity supplied equals quantity demanded is the market price. The market price is used to calculate consumer and economic surplus.

What is the best synonym for store?

Synonyms forboutique.chain.department

Which is the closest synonym for the word consumer?

Synonyms for consumerbuyer.customer.purchaser.shopper.user.enjoyer.end user.

What is another word for market economy?

Market economies are also called free economies, free markets, or free enterprise systems.

What is respond mean?

to reply or answer in words: to respond briefly to a question. to make a return by some action as if in answer: to respond generously to a charity drive. to react favorably. Physiology. to exhibit some action or effect as if in answer; react: Nerves respond to a stimulus. to correspond (usually followed by to).

What’s another word for tasty?

Some common synonyms of tasty are appetizing, palatable, savory, and toothsome. While all these words mean “agreeable or pleasant especially to the sense of taste,” tasty implies a pronounced taste.

What are clothing stores called?

A clothes shop or clothes store is any shop which sells items of ready-made clothing. A small shop which sells expensive or designer clothing may be called a boutique.

What are the different types of stores?

7 types of retail storesDepartment stores. This type of retail outlets is one of the most complex types of establishments that offer a wide range of products. … Specialty store. … Supermarkets. … Convenience stores. … Discount stores. … Hypermarkets or superstores.

What is another name for answer?

Some common synonyms of answer are rejoinder, reply, response, and retort. While all these words mean “something spoken, written, or done in return,” answer implies the satisfying of a question, demand, call, or need.

What do you call a store that sells everything?

superstore. noun. a very large shop that sells a wide range of different goods, usually on the edge of a town.

How do you say market in other languages?

In other languages marketAmerican English: market.Arabic: سُوقُBrazilian Portuguese: mercado.Chinese: 市场Croatian: tržnica.Czech: trh.Danish: marked.Dutch: markt.More items…

How do I choose a shop name?

Tips for choosing a catchy business nameKeep it short and simple.Be different.Consider your online presence.Get creative with your domain name.Be original.Find new inspiration.

What is another word for market?


What is another name for market price?

Find another word for market price. In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for market price, like: quoted price, market value, flash price, selling-price, standard price, retail price and list-price.

What is another word for false?

SYNONYMS FOR false 1 mistaken, incorrect, wrong, untrue. 2 untruthful, lying, mendacious. 3 insincere, hypocritical, disingenuous, disloyal, unfaithful, inconstant, perfidious, traitorous.