Question: What Can You Study At London School Of Economics?

Can an average student get into LSE?

LSE generally doesn’t admit average students.

LSE requires an excellent academic record in order to be considered for admission.

That means you need to earn all As on the General Certificate of Education A-level or the Baccalaureate Diploma Program..

Is there an interview for LSE?

We do not interview applicants for any of our programmes at LSE. It is not possible for applicants to request an interview with the Admissions Selector.

Does LSE accept SAT?

LSE does not consider this programme as part of its minimum entry requirements for American AP exams. The SAT Reasoning Test does not form part of any entry requirement for LSE programmes. The ACT does not form part of any entry requirement for LSE programmes.

Is LSE a prestigious university?

LSE is also part of the prestigious Russell Group, an organisation who represent 24 of the UK’s leading universities. … 16 Nobel Prize winners have been staff or studied at the London School of Economics, and it regularly features at the top of league tables both nationally and internationally.

What do you need to get into London School of Economics?

Admission requirements LSE requires for its graduate programs a degree with at least 70 percent marks in the final examination or a GPA of 3.5 (out of 4) or above and proficiency in English.

Is the London School of Economics hard to get into?

Admission to LSE is highly competitive: in 2014, the school received around 17,000 applications for only 1,500 undergraduate places. Only one in 11.3 were selected. LSE is one of the most difficult universities to gain acceptance. … Make sure to strictly follow LSE’s guidelines for the application process.

What is LSE famous for?

The LSE has produced many notable alumni in the fields of law, history, anthropology, economics, philosophy, psychology, business, literature, media and politics. Alumni and staff include 55 past or present heads of state or government and 18 Nobel laureates.

What grades do you need for LSE?

have four GCSE/O levels at grades A–C and one GCE/A level at grades A–E, or six GCSE/O levels at grades A–C, or equivalent and. demonstrate competence in Mathematics at least equivalent to UK. GCSE/GCE O level at Grade C or above and.

Does LSE have an entrance exam?

The Undergraduate Admissions Assessment (UGAA) at LSE is a test that is used to fairly assess applicants from non-traditional educational backgrounds and it is for this reason that you have been invited to sit the test.

Is London School of Economics good?

LSE is a fine institution, with decent placements. They sometimes produce very good economists, such as Daron Acemoglu, Dave Donaldson, and Rohini Pande.

What can you study at LSE?

More information about each programme can be found below.Accounting, Banking and Finance. BSc Accounting and Finance. … Business and Management programmes. BSc Business and Management (available online) … Data Science. … Development programmes. … Economics programmes. … Social Science programmes.