Question: How Many Like Coupons Can You Use At Dollar General?

How many coupons can you use per transaction at Dollar General?

Customers may use a single Dollar General store coupon along with a single manufacturer coupon per single item in a transaction, as long as the coupons do not state otherwise.

Combining (also known as stacking) two or more manufacturer coupons per item is not allowed..

Can you use Dollar General coupons more than once?

Yes, but you will not be able to combine multiple manufacturer’s or multiple Dollar General coupons for the same item in the same transaction. … Once loaded to your account, coupons are automatically applied at checkout when you purchase the eligible item and enter your phone number at the pin pad.

How do you stack coupons at Dollar General?

How Can You Stack Coupons at Dollar General?Use up to five identical manufacturer’s coupons per day.Use one manufacturer’s coupon plus one store coupon per item.Use a store coupon on the entire purchase, such as a $5/$25 store coupon that can usually be found on the bottom of printed Dollar General receipt.

What color dots are on sale at Dollar General?

Blue dot, gray dot, gray star and pink star on clothes is $1. Blue and gray dot for shoes also $1.

Can I use a digital coupon and a manufacturer coupon at Family Dollar?

2. Use one digital or paper manufacturer coupon per item at Family Dollar. Family Dollar also accepts paper manufacturer coupons from Sunday newspaper inserts and paper coupons printed from the internet as long as they have scannable barcodes. … You can only use one manufacturer coupon — paper or digital — per item.

How many like coupons can you use at Dollar Tree?

fourWe accept coupons for over a dollar on multiple items if the coupon amount does not exceed the combined retail price of the items indicated. We accept up to four (4) like coupons per customer per day.

How do I save money at Dollar General?

How to Coupon at Dollar GeneralDownload the Dollar General app and create a free account to load up on DG digital coupons. … Add Dollar General digital coupons with a click, then redeem with your phone number at checkout.Scan items with the DG GO! … Dollar General offers “$5 off a $25 purchase” store coupons every Saturday.More items…•

What coupons can you stack?

Well here’s a list of 10 of the top stores out there that allow you to stack coupons.Target. From their website: … Publix. Publix has a fairly simple coupon stacking policy. … Whole Foods. Their coupon policy states: … Dollar General. Per Dollar General’s website: … Family Dollar. Their website says: … CVS. … Rite Aid. … Walgreens.More items…

Can you combine digital coupons with paper coupons?

You can’t stack two like coupons, it doesn’t matter what form they are. Expect to use multiple of the same digital coupon in one transaction. If you have paper coupons, you can typically use up to four in one purchase (or transaction), if you are buying four items (one coupon per item).

Can you use printed coupons at Dollar General?

Dollar General will accept Printable Coupons, manufacturer coupons, and Dollar General Store printed or digital coupons. … If you have overage due to Coupons used in a transaction it will be applied to the purchase of other items in your transaction. Dollar General does not give cash back when coupons create an overage.

Is it illegal to sell stockpile from couponing?

Sell from your stockpile. … Some people even go to the extreme of setting up flea markets in their homes to sell “goods” purchased with coupons. This is illegal for multiple reasons. The purpose of coupons is to save individuals money—not to help someone sell products for profit.

Which stores let you stack coupons?

These Retailers Allow Coupon Stacking OnlineKohl’s allows 4 coupons per order. … Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy and Athleta allow 5 coupons per order. … Amazon allows unlimited coupons per order. … Target allows unlimited coupons per order. … Michaels allows unlimited coupons per order. … allows unlimited coupons per order.More items…